Project Update

Glencore Technology is overseeing the installation of GPM Gold's Albion Process™ plant, that makes up their Ararat Gold Extraction Plant in western Armenia. The plant is designed to recover refractory gold concentrate recovered from the Zod Gold Mine, located on the eastern side of the country.

The lump sum design and supply package involves the provision of an M3000 IsaMill™ grinding package, twelve ZipaTanks™ modular leach and slurry storage reactors, a 10 m diameter high rate thickener, 120 tpd oxygen plant and 140 tpd limestone grinding plant. Also included will be 54 HyperSparge™ oxygen injection spargers, designed to achieve supersonic injection of oxygen gas for improved reaction kinetics.

Glencore Technology is also providing the design for GPM Gold to increase the throughput of the existing Zod concentrator from 500,000 TPA to 1,000,000 TPA. The existing concentrator was constructed in 1973 and requires modernisation and upgrading to treat the increase in throughput, as well as the addition of the Albion Process to treat the high proportion of sulphides in the feed.

The Albion Process™  plant is planned to be commissioned in 2014